R9 – ninehq’s executive wholesale roaming service

R9 is designed to facilitate you as a user with the information you require to run your wholesale roaming business.

Modify any IOT Agreement and R9 provides you with immediate access to updated profitability/costs/ revenues/average pricing/credit note data.

R9’s objectives are:

  • Save you Money
  • Save you time
  • Improve your margins

R9 saves you money by providing you with the information that enables you to make business decisions to: 

  • Proactively manage, analyse and optimise all IOT Agreements
  • Implement and optimize Home Routing
  • Identify where your traffic should be steered to based on current Agreement pricing
  • Identify loss making destinations
  • Identify low performing IOTs
  • Ensure loss making fraud is kept to a minimum

R9 saves you time by eliminating most, if not all, the number crunching that currently is necessary to extract custom up-to-date roaming Agreement/traffic/cost/revenue information. R9 is designed to dynamically provide all information on a Modify and Analyse basis. Any modification and its effects are immediately available for analysis throughout R9. Simulate any IOT Agreement in order to determine resulting Cost/Revenues. Identify your traffic distribution with your partners, compare IN/OUT traffic all in an instant.  For your different retail segments and/or MVNO clients, R9 provides the full suite of functionality so that different user departments can access their roaming data.

R9 enables you to improve your margins by identifying low performing IOTs based on comparisons with your retail revenues and your international carrier costs. R9 also identifies poor performing destinations which can be optimized thus contributing to better margins. Steering away partners are immediately identified and your own steering can be modified to mitigate any effect on your margin.

R9 facilitates you with the information that you require. No waiting for reports, no dependencies, your information at your fingertips now.

R9 - Home Routing

Can Home Routing improve your margins? Does it make sense to do Home Routing for all destinations or only certain destinations? How much savings can it generate?

R9 enables you to determine immediately, for each roaming partner, what savings can be generated when Home Routing is applied. What can you save if you apply it to all destinations within a particular zone, in a particular country or to all the destinations.

R9 provides you with these savings based on your roaming traffic and your Agreement pricing and/or TAP pricing.

How profitable is your wholesale roaming business?
  • R9 compares your Wholesale roaming revenues with your international carrier and national interconnection costs?
  • R9 compares your retail revenues with your international roaming costs
  • R9 shows you what savings are available from implementing Home Routing
  • R9 allows you to identify low margin or loss making destinations immediately
  • R9 identifies for each loss making destination, the worst performing IOTs. This enables the operator to focus on two key actions, management of the international costs for certain destinations and management and revision of IOTs for specific roaming partners
  • R9 has the loss making/ low profit destinations identified at the user’s fingertips. As Europe heads towards the elimination of Retail roaming tariffs, this is what will enable you as a user to optimize the ever decreasing margins

In brief R9 provides you with a competitive advantage by

  • Dynamically providing updated roaming information in an instant
  • Profitability/Loss analysis for each IOT Agreement
  • Ability to simulate IOT Agreements
  • Home routing analysis
  • Identifying commercially, where it makes sense to Steer traffic to
  • Up-to-date Steering information
  • Eliminating user data crunching
  • Limiting loss making fraud
  • Identifying loss making destinations
  • Identifying poor performing IOTs
  • Ensuring your roaming partners charge correctly
  • Facilitating accurate financial provisioning, forecasting and landing figures.
  • Freeing up users
R9 - Roaming Like At Home

With Roaming Like at Home in place, functionality to manage the Fair Use Policy, Permanent roaming and Travel profile of high usage roamers is desirable.

R9 provides you with all this and much much more, to ensure that you have complete control over your outbound roamers and have immediate access to the information necessary to justify any corrective actions.

Contact us for a working demo of RLAH functionality at info@ninehq.com