R9 – Executive Wholesale Roaming Service

R9 is ninehq´s executive wholesale roaming service. R9 processes TAP and NRTRDE files providing you with up to the minute accurate wholesale roaming data. It has been designed and developed to provide immediate information, dynamically propagating any changes throughout the complete suite of R9 functionality.

R9´s objective is to enable proactive business users with up to the minute information so you can make business decisions based on verifiable information. R9 provides the user with a web based access to all their wholesale roaming business. R9’s aim is to make its users lives easier. Its objective is to Save Money and time and improve margins.

R9 steps beyond the reach of the Data clearing houses with the incorporation of international carrier costs, Retail revenues, Retail and MVNO segmentation. With the huge change in roaming behaviour and increased roaming costs, it is more important than ever to be able to identify where margins can be improved. R9 provides the level of detail that enables you to fine-tune your business and maximize your margins.

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WR – Wholesale roaming system

WR is ninehq’s wholesale roaming rating system. WR rates incoming international roaming traffic according to the home operators Inter-Operator Tariffs agreements. WR provides the operator with a web based access to be able to monitor, configure and analyse the roaming traffic processed by WR. WR provides an intuitive interface for IOT configurations and Roaming partner management.

Have you ever needed to export your roaming tariffs or have easy access to your roaming tariffs? WR is the answer. WR can process any MVNO roaming traffic using the hosts roaming agreements and facilitates the necessary MVNO reconciliation.

WR an easy way to manage your incoming international roaming traffic. Try it out by contacting us at

R9 facilitates you with the following:
  • Dynamic Intuitive IOT Agreement configuration and analysis
  • Home Routing Analysis
  • Steering
  • Wholesale Revenues Vs Carrier and Interconnection costs
  • Wholesale Costs Vs Retail revenues
  • Destination Revenue/Cost Analysis (In and Out)
  • Credit note and financial provisioning calculations
  • Segmentation
  • IN/OUT Comparison
  • MVNOs
  • Daily Reports
  • Forecasting, Landing
  • Financials
  • TAP Fraud Reports
  • Permanent Roamers, Roamers, Silent and Data Silent analysis
  • Roaming Like at Home